1. How We Became Naturally Empowered?

“Challenge Yourself. Push the Boundaries. Achieve Results”

Following the years of:

  • experience in representing major UK spice and seasoning businesses;
  • working in nutrition, food safety and authenticity at the UK and EU levels;
  • long hours spent in the gym, doing CrossFit, outdoor bootcamps, 10k runs, hiking, playing football, basketball and many other sports…

We decided to combine all these into one and form… Spiced Nutrition.

2. What We Stand For - Our Purpose, Vision and Mission

We believe in “ALL NATURALly emPOWERed and AUTHENTIC”

Spiced Nutrition is a start-up which combines passion for fitness, nutrition and healthy life style with nutritional benefits and remarkable flavours of authentic herbs and spices to create ALL NATURALly emPOWERed and AUTHENTIC blends of herbs and spices.

Furthermore, Spiced Nutrition aims to educate people how to cook and eat nutritious meals, guide people how to become healthier and explain them the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

 “Spiced with Purpose – Metabolism, Immunity, Recovery”

“Spiced with Purpose” means to Challenge Youself! Push the Boundaries! Achieve Results! We aim to inspire and change the life of people for better. Health is Wealth! Therefore, our blends were developed with a specific purpose targeting three important aspects of physical activities: Metabolism, Immunity and Recovery.

Our targeted audience are:

  • people who care about their health and want to add an extra edge to their nutrition with remarkable flavors and delicious meals;
  • all enthusiasts performing and have passion for all kind of physical activities e.g. bodybuilding, running, cross-fit, box, martial arts, swimming, yoga, boot-camps, moreover people who play football, basketball, volleyball, hockey, among many others – Yes we love all sports!
  • people who would like to improve and learn more about the nutrition and health

3. Why Spices?

From the ancient times spices and herbs were considered as superfoods with remarkable health and medicine benefits.

Throughout the centuries this message came across to us.

Currently we use spices to give our meals life…taste, aroma, flavours.

Although considered as minor ingredients, herbs and spices will end up nearly in every pre-packed food in supermarkets, chef’s dishes and home made food.

We believe that cooking healthy and delicious meals is not complicated. Chicken breast, rice, vegetables and many many other foods should not be tasteless.

If you trying to gain muscles, lose weight prepare for your competition and generally become a healthier person.

Spices and Herbs are packed with nutrients, either macro or micro. Even Basil in 100 grams contains 22 gram of protein!

Therefore we believe that combining balanced approach to nutrition and cooking specifically with proprietary blends which are packed with natural sources of vitamins and minerals will help you in achievement of your fitness and health goals.

4. About our blends?

Metabolic Charge, Immune Supremacy and Ultimate Recovery were designed with purpose to tackle 3 important aspects of fitness and healthy life style which are: Metabolism, Immune System and Muscle Recovery.

Designed by and Destined For All Fit and Healthy Enthusiasts.

People who ran marathons, did bootcamps, hikings, bodybuilding, crossfit, football, nutritionist, personal personal trainers and people who simply love delicious and healthy food helped us in development of this blends.

All blends have scientific basis and compliant with EU Regulations in terms of Nutritional and Health claims.

We use ALL and ONLY natural ingredients.


All products come with product specifications and certificate of analysis in regards to food safety and authenticity.

5. Vegan and Vegetarian?

We stand for balanced nutrition and therefore RESPECT ALL dietary approaches and decision made by people.

Although we do have on our packaging that our blends can be added to the products of Animal Origin, our blends are Vegan and Vegetarian Friendly.

We would be delighted if you would use our blends with smoothies, salads, roasted vegetables, porridge and many other vegan and vegetarian type products.

Most importantly please follow healthy and fit lifestyle and we are willing to help you with that and achievement of your fitness and health goals.

6. Shipments and Orders

For the time being we are only ably to ship UK and EU (if some of purchase is above 20 GBP, approximately 23 Euro (EUR)).


For now you can only buy bundles of 3.

As we pay for the shipment which costs about 4 GBP, you are buying our products by a much lower price.

We expect delivery to be made within 1-3 working days across the UK and within 5 to EU.

7. Gluten Free?

Spices and Herbs are in general gluten free products.

All our products are supplied with certificate of analysis and product specifications in terms of food safety and authenticity, including the presence of gluten.

It is also important to mention that herbs and spices are agricultural commodities which might have to travel long ways to get to our home.

Therefore because of this supply chain we are very transparent and considerate when it comes to claim like gluten free.

Some of our blends contain whole cumin seeds, which is a spice grown in the same region as wheat.

Spiced Nutrition take matters of food safety and authenticity very seriously to protect consumers and help them in making the right choices.

Therefore in our blends where cumin is present as ingredient we put a note:”May contain traces of gluten.”

For more please visit:

Food and Drink Federation Guidance on Free From Gluten Claims


8. Meal and Contest Prep?


Our blends are designed with this purpose!!!

Either to target your metabolism, immune system or muscle recovery.

No more tasteless chicken breast, rice, eggs, vegetables.

9. What is the salt content?



10. Change Order?

Not a problem simply email us as soon as possible.

Although we will ship your spices as soon as possible, you still have some time.

11. Innovation?

Yes,Yes,and Yes.

We are looking for new flavours and ingredients which will provide you with maximum nutritional and health benefits.

Let us know if you have something on your mind!